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Greetings All,

Well, it’s all over now. After a pretty packed Short Term, semester, year, I am back at home sitting on my real bed writing to you all. It feels really good. My mother and I made the 5-hr drive back to Katonah, NY in pretty good time, and when I got back I said Hi to my family, napped for 5 hours, ate dinner, and went to bed. Gotta recharge the batteries.

Short Term wrapped up very nicely. As I mentioned, I was working really hard on my two plays. Well, Gilgamesh, the one outside of Bates, was a huge hit! I’ll throw some photo’s in at the bottom of this post. But what I’m a bit more proud of is my one-man show that I did as an Independent Study class over Short Term. I worked with a friend and a professor to create a working script, rehearse it, block it, light it, dress it, the whole deal, and then put it up in Black Box Theater on campus. And you know what? People really liked it! A very rewarding experience all around, and I got class credit for it. Nice.

Now, though, I’m not doing much of anything. This is, of course, the calm before the storm, the respite before my next big adventure. You see, in the beginning of Second Semester, right after I got back from abroad, I decided to apply for a grant, the Phillips Fellowship, through Bates. My plan: to walk el Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage trail that traverses northern Spain. My goal: to understand why a traditionally Catholic pilgrimage has begun to attract pilgrims who don’t identify as Catholics, or even as a particular religion (like myself), yet still walk it.

I am super stoked about this trip, and it is right around the corner. My flight out of the country leaves on the 29th of May (real soon), so right now I’m resting and preparing my body and my gear for a big journey. But the kicker of it all is that this grant I received from Bates covers the whole trip! Really nice.

Be Well,


P.S. Here are some photos of Gilgamesh, as promised:


This is me as Enkidu, the wild man of the steppe, and that’s Gilgamesh and I battling.



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