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Greetings All,

You can do so many things with your Short Term. You can get a solid tan from sunbathing on the quad (or if you’re me, a solid sunburn), you can take a thought-provoking class that stretches your academic boundaries, you can work on a research project…the list goes on and on. For me, Short Term has meant one thing: theater.

I love theater. I took a break from the stage when I came back from my semester abroad in India, since I figured I’d need some time to be myself a bit before I started pretending to be other people all of the time. Now I’m up to my eyeballs in plays, and I’m loving it. My biggest project right now is a play outside of Bates College in Newcastle, ME, about an hour drive away.

I landed the job (my first professional gig) through a dance professor here, Sarah McCormick. She is the choreographer for the piece, and the director was looking for dancers. I’ve just recently started dancing at Bates, so Sarah had worked with me and thought I should audition as a dancer. The director, however, was still looking for actors, and when he heard that I was primarily an actor, he asked me to audition as such. And so, six weeks ago, he offered me this great part with a whole bunch of lines, a lot of dancing and movement, a meaty character, and an on-stage death! What more could I ask for? The play, by the way, is called “Gilgamesh.” It’s an original work that parallels the epic of Gilgamesh with the life story of the British archeologist who discovered the story, translated it, and then went crazy and died in the desert. Pretty sweet.

This play has been a huge amount of work. Couple that with my one-man show that I am working on as an Independent Study class right now, and it’s been a busy Short Term! The one-man show that I’m working on is called “The Last Days of Heath Ledger,” and I play Heath Ledger recounting his last days of life. A bit morbid, perhaps, but it is a really interesting character study as well. This is the last weekend of “Gilgamesh;” just in time for me to drop that character and pick up an Australian accent for my one-man a week from Monday. I just hope I don’t start mixing up the lines!

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